08. Treating the “Suicide Disease” with a Light Touch | Dr. Garni Barkhoudarian

Ever heard of a disease called Trigeminal Neuralgia? It's called the "Suicide Disease" because it causes unbearable pain in the face and temples. It's often triggered by everyday things like brushing teeth, shaving, or putting on makeup. In many cases, the culprit is an out-of-place blood vessel that rubs against the trigeminal nerve in the side of the face. Other causes include tumors, infections, inflammatory conditions, or traumatic injury. Whatever the reason, the nerve short-circuits, bringing on stabbing, searing pain. Dr. Barkhoudarian and the Pacific Facial Pain Center team offer a comprehensive approach to treatment. They try medication first and move on to surgery if the condition persists. That may mean a minimally invasive surgery, working close to the nerves by the brain. It takes a light touch, and Dr. Barkhoudarian, an expert in keyhole neurosurgery, has one. Often, the pain is gone as soon as a patient wakes from anesthesia. To a sufferer of Trigeminal Neuralgia, Dr. Barkhoudarian is a miracle worker. To him, it’s another wonder of his profession, and one that can make a huge difference in his patients’ lives.


January 5, 2022

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Garni Barkhoudarian, MD

Garni Barkhoudarian, MD

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Garni Barkhoudarian, MD, FAANS, is a board-certified, fellowship-trained neurosurgeon with a focus on skull base and minimally invasive endoscopic surgery. Dr. Barkhoudarian has particular interest and expertise in pituitary and parasellar ...

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