A PNI Minute | Multiple Sclerosis and Fatigue

Dr. Barbara Geisser, a neurologist who specializes in treating multiple sclerosis at Pacific Neuroscience Institute discusses some of the most common symptoms experienced by those who suffer from MS. Fatigue is among one of the most common symptoms of multiple sclerosis and this fatigue can be so severe that it begins to interfere with day to day activities for some patients. This fatigue is caused by damage to nerves, but can be made worse by contributing factors like poor sleep, medications effects or other medical conditions. There are several treatments for fatigue, including a number of medications, but looking for other factors such as sleep disturbances or medications that may have a sedating effect as well as other medical conditions that may contribute to fatigue, such as low thyroid or anemia. Other strategies that can help improve MS fatigue is exercise. Fatigue is very common for those who have multiple sclerosis but it is very treatable. Contact the Pacific Neuroscience Institute for more information today.


January 4, 2022

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